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18 August, 2015
  Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles & rabbits
Toa Payoh Vets Case Studies
737. Video:  Ear irrigation process in a dog Pt 1
736. Final Video: Uterus unicornis in a Persian cat
735. Travel Video: Busking in Annecy Pt 6
734. Travel Video: Busking in Annecy - Pt 5
733. Travel Video: Busking in Annecy - Pt 4
732. Travel Video: Busking in Annecy - Singer Pt 3
731. Travel Video: Annecy, Caricature artists, France Pt 2
730. Travel Video: Annecy, France Pt 1
729. Travel Video: Lavender farms 3/3
728. Travel Video: Lavender farms, 2/3
727. Travel Video: Lavender farms, Valensole, South France 1/3
726. Video: A yawning rabbit has head tilt after boarding
725. Video: Wine sales at Plaza Singapura shopping mall
724. Video: Cheek pouches have been emptied Pt 2
723. Video: A black dwarf hamster has loud sniffling sounds and impacted cheek pouch Pt 1
722. Video: A 14-year-old Turtle is observed when walking Pt 2
721. Video: A 14-year-old Chinese Gold Thread Turtle has a swollen right fore foot Pt 1
720. Video: A 4-year-old female Silkie X has 16 bladder stones
719. Video: A cat is spayed 2 months after giving birth
718. Final Video: Cat vaccination
717. Final Video: A rabbit has fever
716. Final Video: A 10-year-old Pomeranian has testicular neoplasia
715. Final Video: Swinging a respiratory-distressed puppy after Caesarean section
714. Final Video: White spots on a terrapin's shell
713. Final Video: Microchipping a dog in Singapore
712. Final Video: Urethral obstruction in a young male Miniature Schnauzer
711. Final Video: Floppy-eared dogs have ear infections
710. Blog: The young Chihuahua has a head-skywards posture
Compare to another dog's diseased heart below:
Heart Failure in A Young Pomeranian
709. Final Video: A rare case of cystic endometrial hyperplasia seen during a spay
708. Video: Kennel cough and ringworm in a puppy
707. Video: Ringworm in the Shiba Inu Pt 4
706. Video: Ultra-violet fluroescence of ringworm in the Shiba Inu Pt 3
705. Video: Examination of Shihba Inu for location of injury Pt 2
704. Video: A Shiba Inu injures his right fore limb Pt 1
703. Video: Post-operation 24 hours later Pt 2
702. Video: A Maltese has breast tumours again Pt 1
701. Video: Tail amputation surgery in dogs
700. Video: One-day-old poodle pups
699. Video: A Shih Tzu has corneal scars and ear infections
698. Video: A poodleX has two ear infections
697. Video: A Shih Tzu has only right-ear infection
696. Video: How to nurse a guinea pig with URTI Pt 4
695. Video: Guinea pig has SC injection Pt 3
694. Video: Guinea pig has left nostril pus Pt 2
693. Video: Guinea pig has URTI and ead tilt Pt 1
692. Video: Birthday cake 3/3
691. Video: 76th Birthday 2/3
690. Video: 76th Birthday James Tan 1/3
689. Blog: A rare image of cystic endometrial hyperplasia in a dog with false pregnancy
688. Video: A X-bred has skin infections 4/4
687. Video: A X-bred has aural haematoma surgery 3/4
686. Video: Gas anaesthesia for ear haemotoma surgery 2/4
685. Video: A X-bred dog has ear swelling and skin disease 1/4
684. Video: A pet hen has diarrhoea Pt 2
683. Video: A pet hen cannot stand up Pt 1p
682. Video: Everted cheek pouch 4/4
681. Video: The son googled "balloon-swelling in a hamster"  3/4
680. Video. A dwarf hamster has an everted cheek pouch 2/4
679. Video: A hamster is admitted for everted cheek pouch 1/4
678. Video: The Shih Tzu has corneal scars due to irritation from facial fold hairs
677. Video: The poodle X has two ears infected a long time
676. Video: The Shih Tzu has a right ear canal infection for 6 months
675. Video: The guinea pig is warded. Pt 3
674. Video: The guinea pig is weighed and rectal temperature is 39.5C. Pt 2
673. Video: The guinea pig with left head tilt has pneumonia and left nostril discharge again. Pt 1

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