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28 June, 2015
  Focus: Small animals - dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters, turtles & rabbits
Toa Payoh Vets Case Studies
579. Video: A Golden Retriever puppy has p1us in the vagina Pt 2
578. Video: A 2.5-month-old female Golden Retriever has pus in the private parts Pt 1
577. Video: A white spot Pt 3
576. Video: A white spot Pt 2
575. Video: A dwarf hamster has a white spot in his right eye Pt 1
574. Video: A young cat has haemo-peritoneum as seen in X-rays Pt 2
573. Video: A young cat ran away for 4 days, is sent for X-rays - Pt 1
572. Video: A black and white cat with FLUTD is warded for one day
571. Video: Potong Pasir food court for laksa
570. Video: Chinatown tourism is not thriving
569. Video: Delivering medication at Chinatown's Smith Street to the owner of a recurring FLUTD cat
568. Video: A vet did not want to treat a 14-year-old cat with a right facial swelling - rotten teeth infections
567. Video: 3 dwarf hamsters and a terrapin as Toa Payoh Vets in-patients in Jun 7, 2015
566. Video: After ear cleaning and irrigation Pt 4
565. Video: A rare case of dermoid in a young cat's eye Pt 3
564. Video: Ear irrigation and cleaning under Zoletil sedation in a cat Pt 2
563. Video: A 1-year-old cat has high fever and ulcerated ear pinnae, ocular dermoid and retained upper deciduous canine teeth Pt 1
562. Video: Downtown music at Orchard Road, Singapore
561. Video: A lost and found cat eats now after 2 days of IV drip and medication.
560. Video: An 8-year-old terrapin is not active Pt 2
559. Video: An 8-year-old terrapin is not active Pt 1
558. Video: 16 push ups by a young lady
557. Video: 40 push ups by a 75-year-old man
556. Video: A 13-year-old Chihuahua has a right facial swelling yesterday Pt 2
555. Video: An old Chihuahua has a painful right facial swelling below the eye Pt 1
554. Video: An 8-year-old Miniature Schnauzer has a  gum tumour due to poor oral hygiene
553. Video: An old cat has a "phlegmy" purr
552A Blog: X-rays of the dog's pharynx
552. Video: X-ray of throat for bone swallowed
551. Video: X-rays Pt 4
550. Video: X-rays - no bladder or kidney stones Pt 3
549. Video: Anal sacculitis in the FIC cat Pt 2
548. Video: FIC in a male neutered cat Pt 1
547C. Video: Review after mastectomy in the rat
547B. Video: Post-op after mastectomy in the rat
547A. Video: Half an hour after breast tumour excision
547. Video: Ligate major blood vessels supplying caudal breast tumours
546.Video: Rat admitted for mastectomy
545A. Blog: Breast tumours - Mastectomy in a pet rat
545. Video: A 2.5-year-old pet rat has gigantic breast tumours
544. Video: A 12-year-old Shih Tzu has a left ear swelling and infection after grooming
543. Video: A hamster survives the surgery to remove  an infected gigantic chest tumour
542. Video: A young cat was vocalising - spaying
541. Video: A shrimp-fed terrapin has swollen and closed eyes Pt 1
540. Video: A 7-year-old female, not spayed rabbit has bloody vaginal discharge - uterine cancer?
539. Video: A Miniature Schnauzer has scleral congestion after grooming
538. Video: X-ray of an old cat's painful throat
537. Video: HDB apartment, Toa Payoh, Pt 4
536. Video: HDB Toa Payoh Pt 3
535. Video: Toa Payoh apartments Pt 2
534. Video: Toa Payoh apartments, Singapore Pt 1
533. Video: Bladder stone post op in Myanmar language
532. Video: Bruised operation area and stones displayed Pt 5
531. Video: Sharp bladder stones removed Pt 4
530. Video: X-rays of the bladder stones & possible right kidney stones Pt 3
529. Video: Anaesthesia monitoring Pt 2
528A. Blog: A 3-year-old Shih Tzu has bladder full of sharp stones
528. Video: A 3-year-old Shih Tzu has "urate" bladder stones Pt 1
527. Video: The guinea pig is anaesthesized and ears are irrigated Pt 3
526. Video: Review: The left head-tilting guinea pig is eating Pt 2
525. Video: Review: A left head-tilting guinea pig puts on weight now. Pt 1
524. Video: A 6-year-old poodle humps pillows - neuter
523. Video: Day 17 after vertical ear canal ablation in a Miniature Schnauzer
522. Video: Two vet books for the library of the University of Vet Science, Yezin, Myanmar
521. Video: Anal sac disorders in the Myanmar language
520. Video: Anal sac disorders - intern's narration
Video: Overview of feline lower urinary tract disease in a cat Pt 3
519. Video: Anal sac impaction in the cat Pt 2
518A. Blog: FLUTD in Singapore cats - case studies
518. Video: A second time this cat has difficulty in urination (dysuria) and goes to the litter box many times with little or no urine peed (pollakiuria) Pt 1
517. Video: A matted and entangled haired Schnauzer bites the owners when they try to groom him
516. Video: Beach sand got into the Shih Tzu's eyes
515. Video: How to treat urine scalding Pt 2
514. Video: A 5-year-old guinea pig has urine scalding and a large inguinal tumour Pt 1
513. Video: An 8-year-old Shih Tzu has a cloudy left eye Pt 2
512. Video: A Shih Tzu has a dull eye - chronic keratitis Pt 1
511. Video. Four in-patient cases reviewed on this Sunday May 16, 2015
510. Video: How to take care of a 12-year-old Cocker Spaniel's ears and eyes
509. Video: A spayed cat has itchy armpits
508. Video: A guinea pig passes soft stools and eats less
507. Video: A dog has itchy red rashes suddenly
506. A drooling guinea pig is anaesthesized and molar spurs filed Pt 2
505. Video: A guinea pig drools for 3 weeks - Pt 1
504. Video: A cat has diarrhoea after spay
503. Video: A French Bulldog has inguinal hernias and new ringworm lesions
502. Video: Silkie sedated to dislodge and take out stuck cotton bud or Q tips inside ear canals Pt 2
501. Video: Cotton bud tips stuck inside both ears of a Silkie Terrier Pt 1
500A. Video Day 18. How to clean the ear canal wounds after stitches are taken out
500. Video: Day 4. How to clean the ear canal wounds Pt 4
499. Video: How post-op care is done for vertical ear canal ablation in a Miniature Schnauzer Pt 3
498. Video: Vertical ear canal ablation Day 3 Pt 2
497. Video: Vertical ear canal ablation 18 hours later Pt 1
496. Video: White shell spots in a terrapin Pt 2
495. Video: A terrapin has white spots on the shell Pt 1
494. Video: Pug now has no abscess Pt 3
493. Video: Pug with a big abscess Pt 2
492. Video: Deep spreading pyoderma pug has a big abscess Pt 1
491. Video: How to use the autoclave to sterilise surgical instruments at Toa Payoh Vets
490. Video: A rescued Persian has an infected damaged left eye Pt 1
489. Video: An old Shih Tzu has left ear infections, aural haematoma and bad teeth
488. Video: A Shiba Inu has hyperpigmented peri-vulvar area and anal sacculitis
487. Video: A 16-year-old dog has an obnoxiously smelly left armpit wound
486. Video: A Shih Tzu has Itchy eyes after a visit to the beach
485. Video: A guinea pig has crusty eyelids Pt 2
484. Video: A 5-year-old guinea pig has crusty eyelids, a large inguinal tumour and urine scalding Pt 1
483B. Video: Anaesthesia to evacuate and check left cheek pouch
483A. Video: Gas anaesthesia to check the left cheek pouch and ears. Paw biting seen.
483. Video: An obsessive compulsive cheek pouch storage dwarf hamster Pt 2
482C. Video: A terrapin (right side of image above)  has 2 days of closed and swollen eyes
482B. Video: A terrapin with swollen and closed eyes (right side of image above) came to Toa Payoh Vets
482A. Video: Same brand of food fed - swollen and closed eyes
482. Video: Same brand of food. Two terrapins from different owners develop swollen and closed eyes

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