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Be Kind To Pets
18 Dec 2008     Focus: To inspire kindness in pet owners


Belief, Passion, Drive, Perseverance in "The Earthlings" Project
Dr Sing Kong Yuen, BVMS (Glasgow), MRCVS

Case written: Dec 16, 2008

To: Alice
Thank you for your DVD "The Earthlings".

Spay cat at 6 months before she becomes pregnant. Toa Payoh VetsYou believe that you can change the world a little by educating the young adults on animal treatment.  You want to organise a viewing of "The Earthlings" documentary, a 95-minute award winning film to educate young Singaporeans.    

Your passion for the prevention of animal cruelty in domestic and wild animals cannot be faked. That means you have to be brave
enough to go on stage and give an introduction or speech on your mission. Do you have stage fright?  Join the toast-master's club to practise public speaking to prepare yourself. 

You need to be proactive to do Singapore youths - idealism and execution of youthful dreams. Toa Payoh Vetsresearch on the local animal activism scene, the players and do fundraising and marketing. You need a team to sustain this operation when you go back to Australia to continue your study.  

Can you focus to achieve your mission? Failures and rejections will happen. Can you be single-minded and not be distracted by other activities?

You need to execute your belief. Yours is a time-consuming project. You propose 3 local bands to be at the documentary viewing to attract the audience. How you execute this belief of yours will depend on your knocking on doors and asking for help.

suggest that you contact Cathay for the use of the Picturehouse screen to view such documentaries. No bands can be present inside this cinema, unless they are in the foyer downstairs.

After listening to the band music, the guests go up to watch the movie?

You need a good
business plan as you may lose money in this animal welfare project. The documentary may be restricted to those above 18 years old and those not nauseated by the sight of blood and gore. The scenes of animal cruelty and blood filmed secretly Young adults must have the belief, passion, drive and perseverance to be successful. Toa Payoh Vetsmay be too gory for gentle people and young children. Some may puke at the sight of bloody scenes.

You will encounter criticism and complaints by some Singaporeans in the press once you execute this "Earthlings Project". Can you take these negative feedback? You can make a small difference to help the animals if you have the belief that you can do it.

P.S. Alice is a young lady around 20 years old who is passionate about veterinary medicine and animals. She is not present in the pictures in this article. Can she achieve her dream of helping the animals?

Will she work hard to execute her "Earthlings" mission to educate Singapore youths to be kind to all animals and thereby making a small difference in the promoting the welfare of animals? After all, she has to go overseas to continue her studies. 

I know at least 3 ladies in Singapore who make a difference in this field of animal activism. They are not nationally known as they do their work quietly and sacrificing their free time. But they make a difference in Singapore where materialism and consumerism predominate. Many youths have ideals.

But how many are prepared to focus, be easily de-motivated by others and distracted by the pleasures of living and devote their spare time to make their dreams come true?

Be Kind To Pets